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music playing is 'EXPAT BLUES' (Rob Dokter) (c), recorded in St.Petersburg, Florida, USA with Ronny Elliott and the Nationals, dec. 2003. Musicians: Harry Hayward: drums / Walt Bucklin: bass / Ronny Elliott: backing vocal / Jim McNealon: pedal steel / Steve Connelly: leadguitar / Rob Dokter: vocals + rythmguitar
 (LAST ADDS ON THIS PAGE MADE ON April 23rd, 2011)
*  = released on first solo CD "Just as I am" (2000)
** = released on 2nd solo CD "Long Way Away" (2002)
*** = released on French promo-CD "Expat Blues" (2007)

**** = used for unissued CD for Dutch-language-group "De Keijser" (2000)

( ) = played as song for SOLO-repertoire and/or Bands as listed or when never used it shows : (DEMO)
Tracks underlined have a link to (mostly) YouTube-uploads to listen to!

Ain't no way (SOLO) *

Come and meet me (BOOTLEG) *, **

Prove your groove to me (BOOTLEG) *

Morning Time (SOLO+BOOTLEG+Southern Train+Homegrown Tomatoes+ (Live) with Mary-Lou) *, **

Empty Feeling (BOOTLEG) *

Long Gone (SOLO) *

Expat Blues (SOLO+BOOTLEG+ Live with Panama Red + recorded with Ronny Elliott and the Nationals) *, ***

Long Way Away (SOLO) **

Till I know you're feeling okay (SOLO + Homegrown Tomatoes) **

Penmarc'h (SOLO) ** 

Withouth your love (SOLO + Live with Panama Red) **

Call on you (SOLO) **

Rest a while with me (SOLO) **

Just a-picking (recorded with Mary-Lou+Panama Red + Live with Panama Red) *** 

Boulevard Voltaire, August 17 (recorded with Panama Red) ***

Effen Paden (DE KEIJSER) ****

Gevangen (DE KEIJSER) ****

Grauw en Donker (DE KEIJSER) ****

Morgen (DE KEIJSER) ****

't Had beter kunnen zijn (DE KEIJSER) (DEMO)

Ik zal es van alles (DE KEIJSER) (DEMO)

Je geloof 't niet (DE KEIJSER) (DEMO)

Bilina Rose (recorded with Ronny Elliott and the Nationals)

Today I saw you hurt (DEMO) (Overdub recorded by Jim McNealon of Ronny Elliott and the Nationals)

Starting to stand tall, = a.k.a. 'I don't mind that you don't mind that I don't mind at all'(DEMO) (recorded with Mary-Lou + Stef Eijkelenkamp)

Though I may be a 1000 miles gone (The Force+Splash)

The story of Frankie (TheForce+Splash)

Groot gezeik (The Force)

Walking down Lincoln Street (TheForce+Splash+BOOTLEG)

And now I wonder (TheForce+Splash)

Af Five (Splash)

Dirty Oil Patch (BOOTLEG)

Blowin' my goodbye-horn (BOOTLEG)

First Floor Blues (She untuned my strings) (BOOTLEG)

Feelin' so damn good (Solo+BOOTLEG+ recorded with Ronny Elliott and the Nationals)

Song for Brenda (SOLO + Live with Mary-Lou) (DEMO)

They don't need me (SOLO)

Out in the cornfield (SOLO)

Hurryin' and a-worryin' (DEMO)

Wing it !  (BOOTLEG) (DEMO)

Thin white dotted line (DEMO)

Fly with me (DEMO)

Oakgroave, Louisiana (DEMO) my personal Tony Joe White tribute

"COWJAZZ" in the Rain (SOLO) a Jerry Jeff Walker tribute

 Sign of the Times (DEMO)

Can't stand it anymore (BOOTLEG+DEMO)

Trottin' on (DEMO)

Blue skies (DEMO)

Boogie'n'Ballin' (DEMO)

Jody Girl (DEMO)

Hate (DEMO)

'Cause I love you (DEMO)

On the County Fairs throughout the South, a.k.a  Doin' one night stands (DEMO)

So you think you're a lady (DEMO)

Let me be your friend (DEMO)

Big City Jungle (DEMO)

Ooh Baby(DEMO)

Junkhouse (DEMO)

Lost you (DEMO)

Pictures (DEMO)

Pendulum (DEMO)

Ain't drunk (DEMO)

Keep me off the streets (DEMO)

No nothing at all (DEMO)

The pope goes digital (DEMO)

Never givin' in (DEMO)

Bring another round (DEMO)

Endless longing for you (DEMO)

Great wide open (DEMO)

Ignoring all the signs (DEMO)

Out in the rain (DEMO)

Kiss my @$#$% (DEMO)

(No) Big Deal (DEMO)

Your eyes (DEMO)

Out of words/Drifting (DEMO)

Monkeys in the Parc (DEMO)

Wasted my time (DEMO)

Backyard in the rain (DEMO)

Bourbon Street Days (DEMO)

Fading Ladies (DEMO)

(Tryin') Trailin' the settin' sun (DEMO)

It's not alright (DEMO)

We're one, babe (DEMO)

Lown down - Into the black (DEMO)

Deep Blue Skies (DEMO)

The Ultimate (DEMO)

If I gave you reason to be blue (DEMO)

Shine On (DEMO)

The Mountains cross my way (DEMO)

All the time in the World (DEMO)

Long way trip to Waco (DEMO)

Met rock'n'roll walking down the street (DEMO)

Traces of Time (DEMO)

Walking the blues (DEMO)

I'll lose all my blues (DEMO)

Cry my memories away (DEMO)

She'll always (DEMO)

We ain't gettin' nowhere by steppin' on eachother's tose (DEMO)

(Stone lie) Steady Tryin' (DEMO)

Every which way (DEMO)

Consultive movements (DEMO)

Rockin' body of mine (DEMO)

When it's 1992 (DEMO)

Gone with the wind (DEMO)

Holdin' on (DEMO)

Takin' me away (DEMO)

Keep your eyes on the goal (DEMO)

Gonna rock'n'roll (DEMO)

Mean Girl (DEMO)

Just something (DEMO)

Beast lady (DEMO)

The only one i'll ever love (DEMO)

Disaster in the country (DEMO)

Just as bright as daylight (DEMO)

Finally comin' on home (DEMO)

How it all began (DEMO)

Chaingang Symphony (DEMO)

Busted my way out (DEMO)

Epilogue (DEMO)

Why (DEMO)

No place to hide (DEMO)

While on the plaines a-ridin' (DEMO)

Sundance (DEMO)

Wounded Knee, 1973 (DEMO)

Waterconvention (DEMO)

Like the prairie grass (DEMO)

Nightfall (DEMO)

An ancient voice (DEMO)

Thin air (DEMO)

Down Hill (DEMO)

Roll Call (DEMO)

Delta Dawn (DEMO)

On the run (DEMO)

Sheriff of the Highland County (DEMO)

Blue Ridge Mountain Skyline (DEMO)

Thinkin' it all over (DEMO)

When i'm goin' home tomorrow free as a bird in the sky (DEMO)

Working on the levee (DEMO)

Dogs in the Moonlight (things just won't settle down) (SOLO for HOMEGROWN SESSION)

Some Rest (Thy Name be blessed, Lord) (SOLO for HOMEGROWN SESSION)

Grandma's Apple Tree (SOLO for HOMEGROWN SESSION)

Love turns out to be Snow (SOLO for HOMEGROWN SESSION)


***** and countless riffs and unfinished stuff too *****


                                                                                     - more to be added! -