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Music playing is 'Wayfaring Stranger' (Traditional, Arranged By Johnny Cash), recorded in Witte Paarden, Holland with the help of Mary-Lou and Stef Eijkelenkamp. Mary-Lou of that time being: Jean-Phi, Patrick, Mary and Jean-Luc
' I can't say i'm proud of all of the things i have done..
but i CAN say i NEVER intentially hurt anyone."
 'I've always been crazy, but it's kept me from going insane'
(c) from the song:  'I've always been crazy' written and performed by Waylon Jennings


I started out in music while still in my teens with my first band at the age of 12 and sofar this wonderful journey in music has lead me to so many places and people i would not be aware of it had not been for these notes i play and sing.
So far i have made 2 solo CD's: 'Just as i am - Some raw gems' and 'Long Way Away - some more raw gems'. My song 'Morning Time' was the number 1 on the Easter-Holland TV back in september 2000 (TV-Oost RegioTap). Both of them are still available with the first one being almost sold-out. In 2007 i released a French-PROMO-CD to take on the road with me there and the lucky ones that got their hands on them, thank you for sharing the circle!
From my very first band 'Bob Chinman and the Presleys' (what's in a name, huh?) the road lead through the bands The Force (1980-1987), Splash (1987-1989), Bootleg (1989-present day with my oldest son Tom now on leadguitar since 2009!), Homegrown Tomatoes (late 1990s), De Keijser (late 1990s as well, being the Dutch-repertoir-equivalent of Homegrown Tomatoes), Southern Train (my longtime collaboration with harmonica-wizzard and friend Stef Eijkelenkamp) and various occasional settings on stage as well as for the mere fun of playing.
I've written more songs than i can remember writing and played more songs than i can remember. Some remain favs till this present day but all of them were special at the time of writing and playing. I have had the pleasure sofar that my more or less signature-song 'EXPAT BLUES' was covered in the United States by both Ronny Elliott on his CD 'HEP' and by Panama Red on his CD 'Choice Buds'. Both of them are true friends and down to Earth musicians who play from the heart like me. There's no way i could even do a rehearsal on 50%, let alone in concert. I always play at fullist max of heart and emotion.
Over the years i have done many many concerts in Holland in various settings as well as annual tours since 2003 with Panama Red in France and Holland after i had met Panama as a quitarplaying sidekick for Billy Joe Shaver once i had booked Shaver in my Steakhouse and CountryClub in Witte Paarden, Holland. Most of my gigs were done ofcourse with BOOTLEG sofar. BOOTLEG celebrated its 20th Anniversary in 2009. With SOUTHERN TRAIN we were the house-act for 2 years in a row in now closed bar in Deventer, Holland called 'On the Rocks' as well as doing lots of gigs in bars, clubs and on festivals all over Holland. With Southern Train we did tours with Mary-Lou in France and Holland too. We also had the fortune of appearing on TV performing our signature song 'Southern Train'.
Meeting Mary-Lou on a campsite called 'Les 2 Fontaines' in Nevez in the late 1990s, on the Atlantic Coast of Bretagne France was another highlight in my musical life. We became very close friends, played a lot together over the years (we still do!) and they even insisted on flying me in for their 10th anniversary festival in Quimper, France some years back. I even had the pleasure of singing the leadvocal on one of their CD-tracks in French.
Another encounter that gave me the chance to grow musically was ofcourse meeting Ronny Elliott and the Nationals in my CountryClub in Witte Paarden, Holland and i will never forget sightseeing Holland with them, becoming friends and being invited to come over to their homes in Tampa, Florida.
Other artists that i booked to play around that time in Witte Paarden and that i had the chance to meet in person were (besides the already mentioned Billy Joe Shaver and Ronny Elliott and the Nationals): David Olney, Sarah Lee Guthrie+Johnny Iron, Troy Campbell, 'Scrappy' Judd Newcombe, Beaver Nelson, Jennifer Terran and The Jesse Dayton Band .... (amongst others!)
Sofar i have shared either stages or studios playing and/or recording with Mary-Lou (countless times), Ronny Elliott and the Nationals (recording session at Zen Recording in St.Petersburg, Florida), Panama Red (touring France and Holland annually), Troy Campbell and 'Scrappy' Judd Newcombe. I have played on stages as far across the world as 'The State Theatre' in St.Petersburg, Florida, USA (solo!). France is my second home, played all over that country through the years and hope to be able to play some more there in the years to come.
Today i am really up to playing solo again with my own semi-acoustic personal mix of country, blues and rock, alone or with the back-up of my oldest son Tom on leadguitar and/or with my longtime friend and harmonica-wizzard Stef Eijkelenkamp. The band BOOTLEG is still running too and we are ready as always to perform anywhere we're wanted and tear up the house!
Hoping to see you sometime on the road. Feel free to post a note in the guestbook anytime you feel like it.
Love, Peace and Hope!
The Doc
march 5th, 2010